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Web Design

I offer full web design hosting, design, DNS, email, graphics, logos, custom projects, photo galleries. Basically if you can dream it up I can get it done. 60% of my business is primarily web developing, support for exsisting clients, and new projects as well. One thing that many of my clients like about my services is I am on the ball, when I get an email it is not unheard of for you to receive a phone call or email back within minutes sometime seconds(not kidding). I enjoy what I do and I take pride in offering a service that works, and is up to your standard. I have not had one unhappy customer to my knowledge.

With me you receive:

* Full Tech Support 24/7
* Unparalleled Customer Service
* Quality
* Affordability
* Maintenance
* Personal- I will meet you in person to discuss your design.

Consultation & Training

Talk with me about your home computers, networking and computer peripherals and get the feedback and advice you need for integrating them with this technology consultation service for Mac or PC. I will review your current devices and recommend integration, upgrades and purchases to enhance your home network setup.

Learn how to use your PC with this 1-hour online personal training session. Pick a topic and learn at your own pace on your own computer in the comfort of your home.

Computer Support

I offer a vast amount of computer services, here are a few listed below.

Computer Setup:

Take the hassle out of computer and computer peripheral setup with this PC setup service. We will set up your computer (including your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers), install 1 software application and 1 external peripheral device, configure your existing Internet configuration and 1 existing e-mail account and test your PC for proper functionality.

Computer Check Up:

Make sure you’re getting the most from your computer with this checkup service. We will make sure everything is in working order and remove any unnecessary programs to improve your PC's performance. We’ll also make sure all updates, software fixes and security enhancements are up to date.

Computer Optimization:

Ensure your PC runs smoothly and securely with this PC enhancement and optimization service. We will enhance PC speed and performance, enable basic security features, remove unwanted programs and ensure your PC is functional for everyday use.

Virus, Trojan & Malware Removal

Scanning, pin pointing virus related problems. Updating your security & protection so you can stay safe.

Backup & Antivirus solutions

Cloudbased Automated Antivirus Software, Remote Support & Backup Solutions.

Dont see it in the list?

Contact us!

Networking - Wireless

Equip your PC or Mac, computer peripherals and other compatible devices with wireless network connectivity with this premium wireless networking service. We will set up and configure your home computer’s wireless router and network connection with your ISP, enable wireless encryption, troubleshoot connectivity issues and network 6 to 8 computers or devices.

Outfit your PC or Mac for wireless network connectivity with this standard wireless networking service. We will set up and configure your home computer’s wireless network connection with your ISP, connect a wireless router, update router firmware and enable wireless encryption, so you can surf the Web with wireless freedom and peace of mind.


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